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Your Chanel Hedge Fund

November 29, 2015

Chanel is the fashion lover’s hedge fund.

imageIn 2006, a Chanel jumbo flap retailed for $1795.00. Only seven years later, that very same bag more than tripled in value with an astonishing price of $5500.00. Apparently, a Chanel purchase has a Madoff-worthy return (albeit without the fraud)!

Several years ago on assignment for ELLE Magazine in Paris, I was privy to some insider Chanel information shared by a Directrice of the Haute Couture. When Chanel returned to couture collections post World War II in 1954 until her death in 1971, a Chanel Couture suit cost the equivalent of a modern day ready to wear suit (when we consider inflation). It was certainly expensive, but less prohibitive since a Couture suit today can easily cost upwards of €55,000. Demand was much higher in the 50s and 60s for Couture and the larger customer base created a more favorable price point. Therefore a vintage Chanel Haute Couture suit is a variable bargain compared to a current Lagerfeld design.

imageThis brings me to Decades and our 13th annual Chanel sale commencing instore and online on 12 December. Chanel is a smart fashion investment when we consider that the only way is up with Chanel pricing. From handbags to fantasy jewels to classic suiting, the core Chanel wardrobe hasn’t changed much since Gabrielle Chanel opened her first boutique in Deauville in 1913. Chanel liberated women from corsetry and its restrictions while borrowing from menswear designing sporty clothes in jersey knits, including variarions of her iconic four-pocket jacket. A Chanel wardrobe has proven it’s timelessness over the last hundred years and we encourage the Decades shopper to take advantage of our large collection of pre-loved Chanel that history proves will increase in value and never go out of style. At our friendly prices, you may want to take out some closet insurance on your Decades treasures because they’ll put a kid through college someday. www.decadesinc.com
-Cameron Silver

United Nations of Fashion

August 3, 2014

Mood boards as featured on DNARiyadh website

Mood boards as featured on DNARiyadh website

I’ve been called “Switzerland” by many in the fashion world because I try not to speak cruelly of others. Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni named me “choir boy,” as a matter of fact. Perhaps I am ridiculously altruistic to some and I would never suggest that I am selfless, but I like to think of myself as the United Nations of Fashion.

Several months ago, I traveled to Saudi Arabia as the guest of HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud. I call Reema the Princess Diana of the Gulf, as she’s one of the most inspiring, compassionate, and intelligent women I know. Reema is an incredible mother, business woman, and humanitarian. I went to Riyadh and was so excited about the burgeoning fashion design community. Over the last few years, I have befriended many of the young Saudi designers during their visits to LA or when we were seated together at fashion shows. The enthusiasm these women have for fashion is infectious and it an exacting period amidst the burgeoning GCC art scene to see fashion newly merge as an industry.

This Friday, the 8th, I will be reunited with Reema, when Christos Garkinos and I join together to introduce to our friends and colleagues designer Nora Al Shaikh from 12 to 4 pm at Decades on Melrose Avenue. Over tea and dates, with the intoxicating scent of oud floating through the store, I encourage you to attend the debut Los Angeles trunk show of Nora’s architectural fall-winter collection inspired by the iconic films Blade Runner, Gattaca, and Metropolis. Although her label is only two years old, Nora Al Shaikh is defining a very modern and signature aesthetic. The collection of luxurious sculpted eveningwear is cut from high-tech duchess satin interwoven with translucent yarns, which produces an extraordinary effect… beautifully reflecting light in feminine shades of ivory, pink, dove gray and fuchsia.

While in Riyadh, I told a group of young fashion students that nothing is stopping them from being an internationally acclaimed designer from the region. Certainly, the success of Nora Al Shaikh is an indication that the United Nations of Fashion is already beautifully represented by Saudi Arabia. I am confident many more talents will continue to emerge in the next few seasons.

I love that fashion can bring different cultures together. Please join me in the United Nations of Fashion.

Amen. Shalom. Insha’Allah

Candidly yours,


To RSVP to Trunk Show please email Geoffrey@Decadesinc.Com or phone +1-323-655-1960
Decades is located at 8214 Melrose Avenue @ Harper